Alpinestars Tech 1-KX V4 Zwart / antraciet (FIA- KARTING)

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Certified to NEW FIA 8877-2022 Grade 1 homologation standard. (karting)


S = 18-21,5CM
M = 20-24CM
XL= 25,5-29CM
XXL= 28-32CM


New and advanced breathable mesh two-layer mesh construction provides optimal comfort and fit, as well as offers exceptional breathability. 3D silicone print palm gives excellent levels of grip with more feel, and better fit and less material bunching when holding the wheel. First gloves homologated to FIA new karting standard.

1. The Tech-1 KX V4 Glove is a premium karting glove that delivers high-performance levels. The gloves feature external seams for superior comfort, designed to prevent any pressure points from forming on the hands while driving. Other neat design touch of the TECH-1 KX V4 include the glove’s synthetic suede leather palm with its silicon surface for improved flexibility and grip.

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